Get To Know Singapore and Its Culture

Singapore is one of the countries that is the destination of the world community. Singapore has become the center of world trends for the Southeast Asia region or even Asia. Before becoming a developed country like it is today, Singapore had a quite interesting past. There have been several kingdoms in Singapore in the past.

The culture that exists in Singapore today is a legacy from the kingdoms in the past. You can find out about the culture in Singapore at Tribe Singapore. The site presents several articles which contain information about business, culture, social issues, and several other things about Singapore.

A Brief History of Singapore

Singapore began to break free from British rule in 1955 and broke away from Malaysia in 1963. After that, Singapore finally became independent in 1965. Even so, Singapore is a very developed country when compared to the surrounding countries. Despite being only independent and having a small territory, Singapore has managed to become a very developed country.

Singapore culture

There are several things related to the culture of the people in Singapore:

  1. Religion and Tradition

Singapore is inhabited by people with different racial and religious backgrounds. Singaporeans come from 3 main races, namely Chinese, Malay and Indian. From these differences, various traditions emerged in Singapore. An example is regarding weddings in Singapore which are carried out according to Indian, Chinese and Malay culture.

This is what makes the distinctive traditions of Singapore so few. In fact, the languages ​​that are often used in Singapore are Malay and English. Some people use Chinese and Indian to communicate in everyday life in Singapore. You can find more detailed information at Tribe Singapore.

For the culinary field, typical food from Singapore is also spelled out from a combination of Chinese, Malay and Indian food. Today there are even more types of dishes in Singapore that have been adapted from other countries such as France, Italy, Indonesia and Thailand. The fusion of cuisines between Singapore and other countries is called Fusion Dishes.

As for the arts, Singapore is quite striking with its distinctive music and theater. In fact, theater from Singapore is quite famous in other countries or even in the world. Theater emerged as a part of cultural festivals in Singapore which became a venue for various ethnic groups to perform.

Religions and beliefs in Singapore are quite diverse. This is because Singaporeans come from different ethnicities. Each ethnic group usually has its own religion, such as ethnic Indians who are predominantly Hindu and Muslim, ethnic Chinese who are predominantly Christian, Catholic and Buddhist, and ethnic Malays who are predominantly Muslim.

  1. Tourist Places

It is no secret that Singapore is a target of foreign tourists. Singapore is well known for being a trading center for the world’s latest fashionable goods and technology at affordable prices. Therefore, foreign tourists come to Singapore not only for vacation but also to shop for goods at low prices.

That is information about Singapore and the culture that is there. Even though this country has a very small territory, the culture there is very diverse. This is one of the reasons foreign tourists are very interested in coming to Singapore for a vacation. You can get the latest information about Singapore at Tribe Singapore.

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The Best Salary Tips For Freshgraduate

In this pandemic situation, it is difficult to get a job. Not only for freshgraduate one, but also for all experienced worker who find the new job. This situation has been going for more than 1 year and instant personal loan online take more interest for them.

However, for all freshgraduate people, there are still many oportunities for you to get better job in this situation. You also still have chance to exchange your skill with the salary that company will give to you.

How to get best salary for freshgraduate

As a new comer in working industries, it is quite difficult to worth yourself to the company. Here are some tips you can follow to get best salary for frashgraduate:

  • Find out the standard salary

As a freshgraduate, you should not ask high salary to the company. Freshgraduates are seen as lack of experience and still need more direction for the job you will face later. Therefore, you must find out the standard or minimum salary generally.

  • Show your achievement

Since freshgraduates are still lack of experience, you can show them your achievement during college life. The achievement can be in academic and nonacademic field. For example, you achieve the best or highest score during college, winner of academic competition, etc.

On the other hand, your achievement in nonacademic field such as in student organization or association also useful.

  • Stay calm and answer slowly

During interview, keeping a good attitude is another key point to get best salary. You have to stay calm and answer slowly once they ask you various questions about salary. Do not over confident or  shy when you answer their question.

3 Skills You Must Have To Get Best Salary

Each company has its standard to decide the salary for fresh graduate. At least, you should have below competencies to get the best salary:

  • Good Communication Skill

Communication is the most important when you have interview about the salary with the company. In the interview, your communication skill will decide whether the company accepts you or not. In addition, your skill in convincing them is also important to make you seems better than other candidate.

Your communication skill is also useful to help you coordinates with your teammate or client. Your communication skill may be useful once you had interview on instant personal loan online.

  • Intellectual Ability

It is possible that a fresh graduate get best salary with their intellectual ability that includes final GPA and IQ.

  • Analytical thinking skill

This skill is about how you understand certain problem and find the best solution without making another new problem. Sometimes, people solve the problem but other problem emerge because of the decision.

Those are only some of skills you must have in general. The other skills are also necessary such as computer skill, negotiation skill, calculation skill, etc. It depends on the job that you apply. However, instant personal loan online still can be the way to help you make your own business in this pandemic situation.

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Amazing New Developed USA Military Technologies

Reported by the official website of the US Defense Ministry, in February 2020, Donald Trump budgeted over 705.4 billion US dollars for the Ministry of Defense in 2021. An increase slightly compared to this year which reached 704.6 billion US dollars.

The focus of budget spending will be the same as in 2020, namely to continue to increase military readiness and invest in more lethal force modernization; strengthen alliances, deepen cooperation, and attract other countries to become partners; reforming the performance and accountability of the Ministry of Defense; and support service members and their families.

No wonder, with such huge amount of budget, USA has become the strongest country with the armed force. The aim of huge budget itself is pretty clear. Since USA also called the police of the world, this budget is given to increase the soldier’s strength in order to keep the peace around the world.

According to Global Fire Power’s 2020 Military Strength Ranking, the strongest armed force position in the world is currently held by America. This is because currently the United States has a power index of 0.0606 (a size of 0.0000 as a perfect number), leading the two other superpowers, namely Russia and China.

The number of United States soldiers currently stands at 2,260,0000 troops. With details, about 1.4 million troops are active personnel and 860 thousand reserve troops.

The total US Air Force strength with 13,264 assets currently ranks the country one in the world. With details: 2,085 combat aircraft, 715 assault aircraft, 945 transport aircraft, 2,642 trainee aircraft, 742 special mission aircraft, 5,768 helicopters and 967 attack helicopters.

New Developed Military Technologies in USA

The Pentagon through top officials Mark Lewis and Mike Griffin said that the US plans to develop four types of hypersonic missiles, but the program is currently running only three.

The four types of hypersonic missiles that will be developed include:

  1. Type Hypersonic Conventional Strike Weapon (HCSW) or hypersonic conventional defense equipment.
  2. Long Range Hypersonic Weapon (LRHW) long range hypersonic weapon system.
  3. Hypersonic Air-breathing Weapons Concept (HAWC).
  4. Hypersonic Strike Weapon-air breathing (HSW-ab) or hypersonic weapons with air-breathing power.

In addition, the United States government also plans to buy 8 F-15EXs worth 1.1 billion US dollars. This fourth-generation fighter is the latest product from the US aircraft industry, Boeing.

The new technology of the F-15EX is a more advanced radar that other fighters from other countries do not have. Equipped with the Eagle Passive Active Warning Survivability System (EPAWSS), which is a kind of electronic feature that can identify threats of attack.

In addition, compared to the F-35 series which can only accommodate a payload of 5,700 pounds (2,585 kg), the F-15EX can accommodate payloads of up to 30,000 pounds (13,607 kg), the Military said.

While all 4 developed technologies being paid more attention now, several kind of missiles technologies are still being used in military operation. The missiles currently in operation include:

  1. The submarine launched ballistic missile (SLBM) Trident D-5 has a warhead of up to 475 kilotons with a maximum range of 12 thousand km.
  2. ICBM Minuteman III with a 300 kilotons warhead and a range of 13 thousand km.
  3. JASSM cruise missile with WDU-4 450 kg warhead and a maximum range of 1000 km.
  4. The AGM-86 subsonic cruise missile has a 200 kilotons warhead and a maximum range of 2,500 km.
  5. Short range ballistic ATACMS missile with a maximum range of 300 km and a warhead of 300-950 submunition.
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