How New Technology Has Changed the Automotive Industry

Today’s automotive industry continues to experience in terms of technology and also its features to make drivers feel comfortable when developing the latest cars. As in the 2022 Honda Cars Review, it appears that currently there are so many new technological changes in the automotive industry.

New technological changes in the automotive industry began to be seen in the 20th century. Where many car companies continue to innovate on the technology side of their vehicle products. Knowing how new technology is changing the industry through the following examples of change.

The self-driving system is on the radar

Some cars are currently starting to develop technology like this. This technology can be seen for example in Audi which has adaptive cruise control. With this control, Audi will adjust the speed according to the exact distance between the cars from 0 to 155 mph.

The control requires the collaboration of as many as 30 control units to analyze the environment around the vehicle. With the presence of two sensors in front of the vehicle, it is possible to assess the distance between the car and the driver can even adjust the level of acceleration.

These controls can indeed help and support drivers proactively but they are not yet fully autonomous.

Use of Fuel Type

The automotive industry is currently starting to experience new technological changes. Where one of them is the use of the type of fuel in a vehicle. Because at this time the car can be classified based on the type of fuel, namely oil, electric, and hybrid.

Based on information on the 2022 Honda Cars Review, we can find out that some of the latest cars currently have different types of fuel. For the type of fuel oil, the car must use fuel such as gasoline or diesel.

When using electric fuel, the car must be charged using electricity with a special charger. As for hybrid fuel, it is a combination of the use of fuel oil and electricity.

Examples of hybrid cars are currently found in several luxury cars such as the BMW i7 and the use of electric fuel types has been implemented in Tesla cars.

Greater User Interactivity

The use of computers in today’s cars is also important, as evidenced by mass production at a time that used built-in computers. The built-in computer in the car has several functions that are quite useful for motorists.

Most computers on the latest cars today have functions to be used as GPS access, regulate the interior temperature of the car, access songs, and videos, and can even manage emissions contests on the car.

Moreover, some of the built-in computers currently have different technological advances so that they can provide a strong interactive level for motorists. One of them is finding some computers that use sound sensors for computer navigation. So, the driver only needs to issue a command to access the computer.

Like some examples of how today’s new technology can change the automotive industry. There is a need to know how the progress of several features and also the latest car technology, one of which is by looking at the 2022 Honda cars review.

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