Things You Must Know Before Buying Microsoft Double Screen Duo

Last August 2020, Microsoft officially announced its innovation of a smartphone called Microsoft Double Screen Duo. After several months of vacuums in launching gadgets, finally, Microsoft launched the latest version of the smartphone. Even though their products of gadgets such as smartphones, tablets, and PC are not really popular among other products such as Apple or Samsung, this product shows to global users that Microsoft is also eager to launch their hardware, not only software. This becomes the first-ever Microsoft launched their Android base gadget to the world.

Microsoft Double Screen Duo Features


If you have seen Samsung Galaxy Flip from South Korea, you may have an imagination about the visual of this product. Here are some plus points you have to know before buying this product from Microsoft.

  • Folded Screen

Quite similar to Samsung Galaxy Fold, this device has a big size of screen. The screen size is 5.6 inches smaller than Samsung Galaxy fold with 7.6 inches. However, it still helps you to get a better view while using this device. Since it has two different screens, you can use one of the screens as the keyboard of a Laptop. You only need to fold upright and start to use this feature.

Besides, the folding screen will help you to watch the video without any additional device such as a tripod or lazy pod. You can fold it and put it on the table. This will help you to do double jobs at one time.

  • The Visual

Unlike another gadget with fold features, Microsoft does not have any additional camera or screen outside. If you fold this device, it will look like a tablet screen without a camera. It is quite smooth and plain to be seen as a personal smartphone. Therefore, if you have any notifications from applications you have installed inside, you have to open the fold to see the content. This is quite troublesome especially if you are too busy to check all notifications that come from this gadget.

  • RAM and Internal Memory

Microsoft is trying to make people satisfied with the performance of their gadgets. No wonder, they put 6GB of RAM and three various kinds of internal memory. The size of internal memory is 128 GB and 256 GB. With this big size of memory, you can easily switch one application to another applications.

Besides, you can save your work documents on this small device. It will help you to save time to open your PC or laptop. You also can install additional applications that can support you to work. You do not need to worry because the RAM can accommodate the applications more than you ever imagine.

  • Battery Capacity

This device has been supported with fast charging 18W with 3577 MaH. They claim that this battery capacity can support you to watch YouTube and other videos for 15.5 hours in a day, and stand by time for 10 days.

  • Slim Pen Features.

For a businessman, the slim pen feature is always helpful to support their work. Moreover, Microsoft Double Screen Duo has a big screen so you can input your writing more. The slim pen also did not take too much space in your gadget.

  • Price

To get a new experience with a double screen gadget, you have to prepare $1000 for Microsoft Double Screen Duo. So, is it worth to buy this first-ever android from Microsoft?

Some Minus Points Of Microsoft Double Screen Duo

As the first android smartphone launched by Microsoft, the company needs to consider more about another earlier brand such as Apple and Samsung. They missed some important point which is too important to be removed.

  • Back Camera

Microsoft missed this most important point when they launch Microsoft Double Screen Duo. There is no back camera in this device so users cannot take photos of certain occasions or important data. Currently, the camera is as important as other apps to capture many things. Microsoft is to focus on their device for working only.

  • Not supported with Micro SD

In this device, Microsoft put 2 options of internal memory, 128 GB, and 256 GB. Unfortunately, they do not provide a micro-SD slot in this device so users do not have options to save the data in the device or external micro-SD. Even though their internal memory is quite big, Micro SD can be more useful to be carried everywhere.

  • Lack of Battery Capacity

Since this device is used for double screen, 3577 MAh will never be enough to keep the battery on for the whole day. The double screen spends more battery within an hour since it is wider than the other conventional smartphone. Even, another smartphone from Samsung and Xiaomi offers more than 4000 MAh for each of their phone.

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