The Most Outstanding Announcement by Apple in 2020

Apple, as the global and successful company owned by Steve Jobs will never satisfy to make better innovation. They are trying to make something new and can help people to do their daily jobs. Not only for the smartphone (iPhone) which has 12 series in total, Apple innovates with PC, tablet, Ipad, and smartwatch. The products always improve time by time so the users also will never feel satisfied by owning only one of Apple products.

Last September 2020, Apple CEO, Steve Jobs announced some new features by Apple for their gadget, especially smartwatches and Ipad. These two things are getting better for their performances. Steve claims that all of the announcements are prepared to satisfy Apple users.

Outstanding Announcements By Apple In September 2020

  • Introducing Apple Watch 6

In this pandemic situation, Apple offers a new Apple Watch 6 to help users maintain their health conditions. Especially during a pandemic, people must do routine exercise to stay healthy. Apple Watch 6 can detect your oxygen level in blood within 15 seconds. Also, due to the global pandemic, this watch can detect how long you wash your hand to minimize viruses and bacteria in your hands. Apple also claims that this new series can live 18 hours without charging and only need 1.5 hours to be fully charged.

  • Introducing Apple Watch SE

Along with Apple Watch 6, Apple also released Apple Watch SE on the same day. It is supported with the same feature to detect oxygen levels for users within 15 seconds. The design is a compact, simple, and thinner body. Also, Apple Watch SE focuses on fitness features such as real time exercise elevations. Compared to the Apple Watch 6, the price is cheaper but still can cope with your daily activity.

  • Introducing Fitness+

Apple tries so hard to make it the users getting easier to exercise by releasing an app called Fitness+. It is suitable for all Apple Watch so users can do exercise while watching health content and streaming workout service. Apple collaborates with health companies to provide workout options every week. Users can use this app by paying $9.99 each month.

  • Introducing Apple One

Apple One is an online service that unifies some paid Apple services to be one package. Users can use Apple to activate their apps. Currently, there are 3 packages from Apple One you might to know.

  1. Individual Package. Users must pay $14.95 per month to enjoy Apple Arcade, Apple TV, Apple Music, and 50GB of iCloud Storage.
  2.  Family Package. This package can be used for a maximum of 6 accounts or family member for $19.95 per month. This paid amount can cope with the Apple apps the same as an individual package.
  3. Premier Package. This is the most satisfying package with $29.95 per month. You can enjoy more paid applications such as Apple TV, Apple Arcade, Apple Music, Apple News, Apple Fitness, and 2TB of iCloud Storage.
  • Faster Processor for Ipad.

The latest generation of Ipad by Apple does not have a specific change from its previous. However, it offers the A12 Bionic Processor. Its speed is equal to a graphic designer Ipad.

  • Modern Ipad Air

Even though Ipad is not supported by FaceID or face detector, Apple still gives users a big lap on its Ipad Air. Not only by A14 Bionic Processors, but Ipad Air is also supported with the latest version of apple pencil and USB port.

Do The Features Are Worth It For Apple Users?

Generally, apple really works hard in making the users satisfied with the feature. Both Smart Watch and Ipad really help users to deal with their daily work.

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