Home Décor and Tips You Must Know

Having the best and comfortable house is everyone’s dream. A comfortable house make will make the owner feel happy and comfortable at the same time. The guest also will impress with the decoration we have applied in the house. In applying the home décor for your lovely home, usually, the owner will consider their personality. We can see people’s personality from the way they décor the home.

The colorful house will represent that the owner is cheerful and bright. While the simple décor also represents the owner’s personality with is full of simplicity. We can adjust the décor that we want to apply in the house as much as we want as long as the place is comfortable for the owner.

Things That You Must Consider Before Starting Decorations

Before you decorate the house, you have to make sure several points below:

  • The locations

Once you start to decorate the house, you must consider the locations. If your house is located in a tropical area, you must consider making more ventilation for air circulation. Especially if the house does not install air conditioners and only depends on the window and ventilation, your decorations inside the house will get rotten easily. The locations are also will help you which home décor is more applicable to the environment and weather.

  • The size

If you have a small house, do not force yourself to décor the house with too much decoration. If you do it, it will make the room seem fuller and compact. You will lose space for yourself to put other decorations once you buy the new one. It is better if you use simple décor to make the room feel spacious and free. You can choose indoor decorations with hidden spots so you can keep unintended objects to be seen and make the room full.

  • The paint

Basically, paint selections really depend on people interest and like. Every color has its own meaning and effects for the house. Choosing the right color must be matched with the entire decorations of the house so it will match each other. If you choose to use simple décor, choose the neutral color such as white, light grey, and black. But, if you choose shabby décor, nude colors such as light pink, purple and blue are highly recommended to you.

  • Focus only on one main theme

Mixing some home décor theme is not a bad idea. However, you must know that not all home décor complement each other. For example, you cannot mix classic interior design with the industrial theme by using metal things inside. It only messes with the concept of the house. You can mix industrial theme with minimalist design because they match each other.

The Most Favorite Home Décor You Can Apply In Your House

Currently, there are so many options for home décor you can apply to your house. As you can search for some options on the internet, you will be impressed with the modern one. Below are the typical home décor mostly used by people by the end of 2020.

  • Minimalist Décor

This kind of home décor is the most suitable concept if you have a simple and small house. You can choose simple interior decorations and accessories to make the room more spacious. Moreover, the neutral paint also makes the room seems bigger than the actual size. When you decide to use minimalist décor, you have to remember to put fewer decorations in the whole house.

  • Shabby Chic Décor

Shabby chic is one type of home décor and becomes the most favorite by a woman. It is also a female icon since it uses some nude paint such as light pink and blue and many simple decorations. Shabby chic is also dominated by flower motif that will fill the whole room.

  • Classic Décor

Just like a house in a dreamy world, classic décor will help the owner feel like a prince and princess in their own castle. Classic décor is dominated with golden things for its accessories, stairs, and another interior. It also combines shining things such as a crystal lamp, silver accessories, and also a big painting on the wall. Those decorations are mostly used in classic decorations.