How New Technology Has Changed the Automotive Industry

Today’s automotive industry continues to experience in terms of technology and also its features to make drivers feel comfortable when developing the latest cars. As in the 2022 Honda Cars Review, it appears that currently there are so many new technological changes in the automotive industry.

New technological changes in the automotive industry began to be seen in the 20th century. Where many car companies continue to innovate on the technology side of their vehicle products. Knowing how new technology is changing the industry through the following examples of change.

The self-driving system is on the radar

Some cars are currently starting to develop technology like this. This technology can be seen for example in Audi which has adaptive cruise control. With this control, Audi will adjust the speed according to the exact distance between the cars from 0 to 155 mph.

The control requires the collaboration of as many as 30 control units to analyze the environment around the vehicle. With the presence of two sensors in front of the vehicle, it is possible to assess the distance between the car and the driver can even adjust the level of acceleration.

These controls can indeed help and support drivers proactively but they are not yet fully autonomous.

Use of Fuel Type

The automotive industry is currently starting to experience new technological changes. Where one of them is the use of the type of fuel in a vehicle. Because at this time the car can be classified based on the type of fuel, namely oil, electric, and hybrid.

Based on information on the 2022 Honda Cars Review, we can find out that some of the latest cars currently have different types of fuel. For the type of fuel oil, the car must use fuel such as gasoline or diesel.

When using electric fuel, the car must be charged using electricity with a special charger. As for hybrid fuel, it is a combination of the use of fuel oil and electricity.

Examples of hybrid cars are currently found in several luxury cars such as the BMW i7 and the use of electric fuel types has been implemented in Tesla cars.

Greater User Interactivity

The use of computers in today’s cars is also important, as evidenced by mass production at a time that used built-in computers. The built-in computer in the car has several functions that are quite useful for motorists.

Most computers on the latest cars today have functions to be used as GPS access, regulate the interior temperature of the car, access songs, and videos, and can even manage emissions contests on the car.

Moreover, some of the built-in computers currently have different technological advances so that they can provide a strong interactive level for motorists. One of them is finding some computers that use sound sensors for computer navigation. So, the driver only needs to issue a command to access the computer.

Like some examples of how today’s new technology can change the automotive industry. There is a need to know how the progress of several features and also the latest car technology, one of which is by looking at the 2022 Honda cars review.

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Build Better Social Media for Your Business

Currently, the popularity of E-commerce is increasing day by day. In line with the e-commerce, the use of social media such as Instagram also help business owner to develop their product and services. Therefore, we need to learn how to delete messages on Instagram in case we receive any inappropriate message related to our business.

However, we also need a great strategy to build better social media for business. Rather than using random strategy that we copy from other business competitor; it will not give effective effect in the future.

Since the half population in the world uses social media for their need, it is good if we try to use social media for our business. Social media is not only used to connect people around the world but also to promote and develop our business.

How to Build Better Social Media for Business?

Here are some great way to build better social media:

  • Determine your goal

The use of social media should be clear and right to the goal. You should check what your short and long goal is by using social media for your business. The goal must include the number of viewer, the number of sales, the time limit that we need to achieve the goal, etc.

  • Be human

Since you use social media to promote and develop your product, it is important to keep yourself as human by trying to build real relationship with the viewer. In some cases, they uses auto reply to answer viewer and customer question and suggestion. We have to reply it one by one to show them our attention. We also need to know how to delete messages on Instagram in case we receive too much message from them.

  • Be active

How do you feel when you check a business social media that update their post 7 days ago? Do you feel annoyed? Yes. It is important to stay active and give regular update related to your business. Your post means that your business is still alive and you are ready to receive the sales. Once you jump to social media for business, you must be responsible to give the information needed by viewer and customer.

  • Make creative content

The content of your social media business can be in photos or videos. You can regularly switch the photos or videos to avoid boring content. If possible, you also can cooperate with influencer for the content.

What You Should NOT Do With Social Media for Business

Here are some point you should not do while using Social media for business:

  1. Post too many content in a day. It is annoying when we have to see or open too many promotions or content within a day.
  2. Create the similar content
  3. Hardly build closer relationship by giveaway or quiz
  4. Ignore their comment or suggestion. Even though it is good to know how to delete messages on Instagram, you still need response their message.
  5. Late response to the customer
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Latest Feature of Modern Refrigerator You Must Have

The refrigerator is one of the kitchen equipment that has an important and significant role in your food supply. This tool is invented in 1784 by a Scotland Scientist named William Cullen. Nowadays, there are so many types of refrigerators such as walk in cooler installation which can load more food supplies for big industries such as restaurants, hotels, and supermarkets. Walk-in cooler will keep all supplies such as meat, fish, and other food ingredients to keep fresh and preserved.

In the past, people must keep the food supply during the winter season. In the winter season, they can easily keep the foods in a handmade small cave near their home. However, the winter ends, they are no longer able to keep the food supply for a long time.

Types of Modern Refrigerator

Before you choose the wrong refrigerator for your daily use, it is better to know each type of refrigerator. These types below are commonly used by shop or restaurant runner or even for personal use at home.

  • Fridge

This kitchen appliance is commonly used for personal or home use. Usually, it is designed with one or two doors. Even, now the latest model has 3 doors for the super big one. The fridge always has a small part of the freezer which is mostly smaller than other part

  • Freezer

The freezer functions specifically to frost the food including raw foods from animals, fruit, or vegetables. The temperature is lower than the fridge so everything you put inside will be frozen like a block of ice.

  • Showcase

Showcase is almost similar to a general fridge but it has transparent doors and is mostly used to keep beverages in a restaurant or supermarket.

  • Walk-in Cooler

This is the largest type of freezer which is mostly used in the food industry. Walk in cooler installation needs more space in your place since the size is up to 24m squares.

Latest Feature of Modern Refrigerator

Currently, there are so many brands that produce modern refrigerator for daily needs. They compete with each other to fulfill what customers need in a refrigerator. The latest features include:

  1. Some big refrigerators with more than 2 doors, it has a different temperature setting for each space. Its function is to set the temperature room based on the ingredients you put inside. You must set a different temperature for raw meat or fish to other vegetable and fruit ingredients. It will preserve your food better.
  2. Touch Screen control on the front door. This innovation will help you to set the temperature without opening the fridge. You also can always check the temperature every time easily.
  3. Supported with ice cream maker and coffee maker. For all ice cream and coffee maker, you can buy a modern refrigerator which is supported by it. Therefore, you do not need to buy separate tools to make coffee and ice cream.
  4. The latest Inverter Technology on the latest fridge and walk in cooler installation will help your refrigerator breathe easily. Then, you do not need to feel worried about the smell of certain ingredients.
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5 Best Apps for Your Mental Health

If you are a typical person who cannot relieve stress by yourself, you can try some apps from Android or iOS to help maintain your mental health. Most people do not really know and understand that mental health is as important as physical health. In fact, people take aside mental health and tend to not care about it and keep thinking that mental health is not really important.

People with “sick” mental health will cause a problem with physical health. This happens because mental health which originally comes from people’s brains and minds will cause stress and depression. Later, the depression will make another physical problem such as high blood pressure, gastritis, and even loss of their appetite. This is the reason why people must maintain their mental health as much as physical health.

Why Is Mental Health App Important?

Unfortunately, not all people are eager to come to a psychiatrist or psychologist to discuss their mental problems. They tend to hide it and by themself and let the problem gets bigger and bigger until they cannot hold it anymore.

Mental health app will help you to relieve your stress and give a suggestion about what to do to overcome the problem. It also can be your dairy where you can tell something that you cannot do to real people. The apps will record the mental problem that you feel and give suggestion to solve the problem.

Even, based on the survey held by psychiatrists and psychologist shows that mental health apps are efficient for your mental problem.

5 Best Mental Health Apps

For all Android users and iOS, you can find various kinds of mental health apps from Google Store and Apple Store.

  • Good fit

A good fit is a paid mental health app that can be installed in Google Store and Apple Store. It is released on 4 January 2017 and claimed to boost your daily mood. This app will help you to record your stress symptoms, depression, and anxiety. The apps are also modified to keep a record of your daily activity that may relieve your stress levels such as foods you’ve eaten in a day, exercise, sleep, and medicine.

  • Sanvello

Achieve 4.5 stars from the best 5 stars, this app is good to maintain your mental health. It is also becoming one of the editor’s choice by google play which is highly recommended for you. You can find some useful information and features such as self-care, coaching, therapy, and join Sanvello Community. Sanvello community is highly recommended for users to get close with the one who has the same stress and depression symptoms. The member also will support and cheer you up for every problem you will face every day. Even, this app is also supported by a real licensed therapist where you can have an online consultation. The consultation is free as long as you have registered your name to this app.

  • Talkspace

Talkspace counseling and therapy is highly recommended for you to improve your mental health. You can find the best therapist where you can consult from Monday to Friday by texting, audio call, or even video call. This app is free for everyone so you can use the app as much as possible. Since you can send text and doing an audio video call, you should not worry about the safety of your contact. Talkspace will secure all registered accounts.

  • UP!

Becomes one of the best apps for Depression, bipolar, and borderline management, this app gets 4.2 stars rate. By using UP! you can manage your stress level, emotions, and other depression symptoms. It also will keep a record of your sleep time, work, and other activity time. You also can write a diary every day about activities within a day.

  • YouTube

Mental health is not only about psychiatrists or therapists. Your mind can be the best therapist for your mental health. To avoid stress and depression, you can use YouTube to search for any funny and healing content for your mind. Watching healing content based on your favorite things is also can be the best healing for mental health. However, you have to make sure the content is helpful for you and did not cause any additional pressures.

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Things You Must Know Before Buying Microsoft Double Screen Duo

Last August 2020, Microsoft officially announced its innovation of a smartphone called Microsoft Double Screen Duo. After several months of vacuums in launching gadgets, finally, Microsoft launched the latest version of the smartphone. Even though their products of gadgets such as smartphones, tablets, and PC are not really popular among other products such as Apple or Samsung, this product shows to global users that Microsoft is also eager to launch their hardware, not only software. This becomes the first-ever Microsoft launched their Android base gadget to the world.

Microsoft Double Screen Duo Features


If you have seen Samsung Galaxy Flip from South Korea, you may have an imagination about the visual of this product. Here are some plus points you have to know before buying this product from Microsoft.

  • Folded Screen

Quite similar to Samsung Galaxy Fold, this device has a big size of screen. The screen size is 5.6 inches smaller than Samsung Galaxy fold with 7.6 inches. However, it still helps you to get a better view while using this device. Since it has two different screens, you can use one of the screens as the keyboard of a Laptop. You only need to fold upright and start to use this feature.

Besides, the folding screen will help you to watch the video without any additional device such as a tripod or lazy pod. You can fold it and put it on the table. This will help you to do double jobs at one time.

  • The Visual

Unlike another gadget with fold features, Microsoft does not have any additional camera or screen outside. If you fold this device, it will look like a tablet screen without a camera. It is quite smooth and plain to be seen as a personal smartphone. Therefore, if you have any notifications from applications you have installed inside, you have to open the fold to see the content. This is quite troublesome especially if you are too busy to check all notifications that come from this gadget.

  • RAM and Internal Memory

Microsoft is trying to make people satisfied with the performance of their gadgets. No wonder, they put 6GB of RAM and three various kinds of internal memory. The size of internal memory is 128 GB and 256 GB. With this big size of memory, you can easily switch one application to another applications.

Besides, you can save your work documents on this small device. It will help you to save time to open your PC or laptop. You also can install additional applications that can support you to work. You do not need to worry because the RAM can accommodate the applications more than you ever imagine.

  • Battery Capacity

This device has been supported with fast charging 18W with 3577 MaH. They claim that this battery capacity can support you to watch YouTube and other videos for 15.5 hours in a day, and stand by time for 10 days.

  • Slim Pen Features.

For a businessman, the slim pen feature is always helpful to support their work. Moreover, Microsoft Double Screen Duo has a big screen so you can input your writing more. The slim pen also did not take too much space in your gadget.

  • Price

To get a new experience with a double screen gadget, you have to prepare $1000 for Microsoft Double Screen Duo. So, is it worth to buy this first-ever android from Microsoft?

Some Minus Points Of Microsoft Double Screen Duo

As the first android smartphone launched by Microsoft, the company needs to consider more about another earlier brand such as Apple and Samsung. They missed some important point which is too important to be removed.

  • Back Camera

Microsoft missed this most important point when they launch Microsoft Double Screen Duo. There is no back camera in this device so users cannot take photos of certain occasions or important data. Currently, the camera is as important as other apps to capture many things. Microsoft is to focus on their device for working only.

  • Not supported with Micro SD

In this device, Microsoft put 2 options of internal memory, 128 GB, and 256 GB. Unfortunately, they do not provide a micro-SD slot in this device so users do not have options to save the data in the device or external micro-SD. Even though their internal memory is quite big, Micro SD can be more useful to be carried everywhere.

  • Lack of Battery Capacity

Since this device is used for double screen, 3577 MAh will never be enough to keep the battery on for the whole day. The double screen spends more battery within an hour since it is wider than the other conventional smartphone. Even, another smartphone from Samsung and Xiaomi offers more than 4000 MAh for each of their phone.

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The Most Outstanding Announcement by Apple in 2020

Apple, as the global and successful company owned by Steve Jobs will never satisfy to make better innovation. They are trying to make something new and can help people to do their daily jobs. Not only for the smartphone (iPhone) which has 12 series in total, Apple innovates with PC, tablet, Ipad, and smartwatch. The products always improve time by time so the users also will never feel satisfied by owning only one of Apple products.

Last September 2020, Apple CEO, Steve Jobs announced some new features by Apple for their gadget, especially smartwatches and Ipad. These two things are getting better for their performances. Steve claims that all of the announcements are prepared to satisfy Apple users.

Outstanding Announcements By Apple In September 2020

  • Introducing Apple Watch 6

In this pandemic situation, Apple offers a new Apple Watch 6 to help users maintain their health conditions. Especially during a pandemic, people must do routine exercise to stay healthy. Apple Watch 6 can detect your oxygen level in blood within 15 seconds. Also, due to the global pandemic, this watch can detect how long you wash your hand to minimize viruses and bacteria in your hands. Apple also claims that this new series can live 18 hours without charging and only need 1.5 hours to be fully charged.

  • Introducing Apple Watch SE

Along with Apple Watch 6, Apple also released Apple Watch SE on the same day. It is supported with the same feature to detect oxygen levels for users within 15 seconds. The design is a compact, simple, and thinner body. Also, Apple Watch SE focuses on fitness features such as real time exercise elevations. Compared to the Apple Watch 6, the price is cheaper but still can cope with your daily activity.

  • Introducing Fitness+

Apple tries so hard to make it the users getting easier to exercise by releasing an app called Fitness+. It is suitable for all Apple Watch so users can do exercise while watching health content and streaming workout service. Apple collaborates with health companies to provide workout options every week. Users can use this app by paying $9.99 each month.

  • Introducing Apple One

Apple One is an online service that unifies some paid Apple services to be one package. Users can use Apple to activate their apps. Currently, there are 3 packages from Apple One you might to know.

  1. Individual Package. Users must pay $14.95 per month to enjoy Apple Arcade, Apple TV, Apple Music, and 50GB of iCloud Storage.
  2.  Family Package. This package can be used for a maximum of 6 accounts or family member for $19.95 per month. This paid amount can cope with the Apple apps the same as an individual package.
  3. Premier Package. This is the most satisfying package with $29.95 per month. You can enjoy more paid applications such as Apple TV, Apple Arcade, Apple Music, Apple News, Apple Fitness, and 2TB of iCloud Storage.
  • Faster Processor for Ipad.

The latest generation of Ipad by Apple does not have a specific change from its previous. However, it offers the A12 Bionic Processor. Its speed is equal to a graphic designer Ipad.

  • Modern Ipad Air

Even though Ipad is not supported by FaceID or face detector, Apple still gives users a big lap on its Ipad Air. Not only by A14 Bionic Processors, but Ipad Air is also supported with the latest version of apple pencil and USB port.

Do The Features Are Worth It For Apple Users?

Generally, apple really works hard in making the users satisfied with the feature. Both Smart Watch and Ipad really help users to deal with their daily work.

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The Perfect Reasons to Upgrade Your Device to an Apple 12

Last April 2020, Apple officially announced the new series of Apple 12 and change Apple 11 Series. This is a long-waited series for all Apple lovers because they offer special quality and better performances than their last series. Even though they launched it from the first quarter of the year 2020, not all countries can order it directly. For example, in Indonesia, users can get Apple 12 at the end of the year, or, 11 December 2020.

Actually, Apple just released it’s Apple 11 last September 2019. Less than one year, they released the new version of Apple 11 with better performances and features. Of course, some apple users get mad because they just buy the apple 11 not long time ago. However, there are still perfect reasons why you need to upgrade your Apple 11 to an Apple 12.

4 Variants Of Apple 12 And Price

Officially, Apple 12 launched 4 variants of Apple 12 with different features. Mostly, they differ from the RAM, size, and camera. The variants of Apple 12 are:

  1. Apple 12 Mini with 128 GB ($1219)
  2. Apple 12 Regular with 64 GB ($1299)
  3. Apple 12 Pro with 128GB ($1649)
  4. Apple 12 Pro Max with 128 GB ($1799)

What Makes You Upgrade To An Apple 12?

For each series, of course, Apple always gives users something new and useful for all of their daily needs. They also make sure that the features are getting easier to use and simple. Here are some reasons you need to know:

  • Wireless Charger

In this latest series, Apple removes the head charger and changes it to a wireless charger. Therefore, you will not find any additional head charger in the box instead of USB cable C types. It uses Bluetooth to connect between the charger and the phone.

  • 5G Connections

Apple 12 will be the first and the only Apple series which provides 5G connections. If we compare it with their latest Apple 11 which was released in September last year, it only needs a half year for Apple to upgrade their 4G connection to 5G connections. Of course, this will help those who need a faster internet connection for daily life.

  • Camera Features

If you are an Instagram holic, it is better to upgrade your phone to Apple 12. Actually, you cannot find any differences on the camera at glance. The photo result also does not make any big differences in general. However, if you are a professional photographer, you will find 3 additional features on the bottom of the camera. It will help you to adjust the diaphragm, light, and stabilizer. You will find this feature on iPhone 12 Pro.

  • Memory Capacity

Compared to Apple’s last generation, Apple 12 has more various memory capacities. Each of them has 4GB RAM and the internal memories vary from 64GB, 128GB, 256GB, and up to 512GB. It is useful for users who prefer to save the documents on their smartphone than tablet or PC, and read more the best information here.

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