Build Better Social Media for Your Business

Currently, the popularity of E-commerce is increasing day by day. In line with the e-commerce, the use of social media such as Instagram also help business owner to develop their product and services. Therefore, we need to learn how to delete messages on Instagram in case we receive any inappropriate message related to our business.

However, we also need a great strategy to build better social media for business. Rather than using random strategy that we copy from other business competitor; it will not give effective effect in the future.

Since the half population in the world uses social media for their need, it is good if we try to use social media for our business. Social media is not only used to connect people around the world but also to promote and develop our business.

How to Build Better Social Media for Business?

Here are some great way to build better social media:

  • Determine your goal

The use of social media should be clear and right to the goal. You should check what your short and long goal is by using social media for your business. The goal must include the number of viewer, the number of sales, the time limit that we need to achieve the goal, etc.

  • Be human

Since you use social media to promote and develop your product, it is important to keep yourself as human by trying to build real relationship with the viewer. In some cases, they uses auto reply to answer viewer and customer question and suggestion. We have to reply it one by one to show them our attention. We also need to know how to delete messages on Instagram in case we receive too much message from them.

  • Be active

How do you feel when you check a business social media that update their post 7 days ago? Do you feel annoyed? Yes. It is important to stay active and give regular update related to your business. Your post means that your business is still alive and you are ready to receive the sales. Once you jump to social media for business, you must be responsible to give the information needed by viewer and customer.

  • Make creative content

The content of your social media business can be in photos or videos. You can regularly switch the photos or videos to avoid boring content. If possible, you also can cooperate with influencer for the content.

What You Should NOT Do With Social Media for Business

Here are some point you should not do while using Social media for business:

  1. Post too many content in a day. It is annoying when we have to see or open too many promotions or content within a day.
  2. Create the similar content
  3. Hardly build closer relationship by giveaway or quiz
  4. Ignore their comment or suggestion. Even though it is good to know how to delete messages on Instagram, you still need response their message.
  5. Late response to the customer