5 Best Apps for Your Mental Health

If you are a typical person who cannot relieve stress by yourself, you can try some apps from Android or iOS to help maintain your mental health. Most people do not really know and understand that mental health is as important as physical health. In fact, people take aside mental health and tend to not care about it and keep thinking that mental health is not really important.

People with “sick” mental health will cause a problem with physical health. This happens because mental health which originally comes from people’s brains and minds will cause stress and depression. Later, the depression will make another physical problem such as high blood pressure, gastritis, and even loss of their appetite. This is the reason why people must maintain their mental health as much as physical health.

Why Is Mental Health App Important?

Unfortunately, not all people are eager to come to a psychiatrist or psychologist to discuss their mental problems. They tend to hide it and by themself and let the problem gets bigger and bigger until they cannot hold it anymore.

Mental health app will help you to relieve your stress and give a suggestion about what to do to overcome the problem. It also can be your dairy where you can tell something that you cannot do to real people. The apps will record the mental problem that you feel and give suggestion to solve the problem.

Even, based on the survey held by psychiatrists and psychologist shows that mental health apps are efficient for your mental problem.

5 Best Mental Health Apps

For all Android users and iOS, you can find various kinds of mental health apps from Google Store and Apple Store.

  • Good fit

A good fit is a paid mental health app that can be installed in Google Store and Apple Store. It is released on 4 January 2017 and claimed to boost your daily mood. This app will help you to record your stress symptoms, depression, and anxiety. The apps are also modified to keep a record of your daily activity that may relieve your stress levels such as foods you’ve eaten in a day, exercise, sleep, and medicine.

  • Sanvello

Achieve 4.5 stars from the best 5 stars, this app is good to maintain your mental health. It is also becoming one of the editor’s choice by google play which is highly recommended for you. You can find some useful information and features such as self-care, coaching, therapy, and join Sanvello Community. Sanvello community is highly recommended for users to get close with the one who has the same stress and depression symptoms. The member also will support and cheer you up for every problem you will face every day. Even, this app is also supported by a real licensed therapist where you can have an online consultation. The consultation is free as long as you have registered your name to this app.

  • Talkspace

Talkspace counseling and therapy is highly recommended for you to improve your mental health. You can find the best therapist where you can consult from Monday to Friday by texting, audio call, or even video call. This app is free for everyone so you can use the app as much as possible. Since you can send text and doing an audio video call, you should not worry about the safety of your contact. Talkspace will secure all registered accounts.

  • UP!

Becomes one of the best apps for Depression, bipolar, and borderline management, this app gets 4.2 stars rate. By using UP! you can manage your stress level, emotions, and other depression symptoms. It also will keep a record of your sleep time, work, and other activity time. You also can write a diary every day about activities within a day.

  • YouTube

Mental health is not only about psychiatrists or therapists. Your mind can be the best therapist for your mental health. To avoid stress and depression, you can use YouTube to search for any funny and healing content for your mind. Watching healing content based on your favorite things is also can be the best healing for mental health. However, you have to make sure the content is helpful for you and did not cause any additional pressures.